Sea Dog Brewing Co Profile

An India Pale Ale kicked up a notch to form a true Double IPA: feverishly hoppy with a malty backbone and higher-than-standard alcohol content. Citrusy hops tease the senses with aromatics and lingering bitterness, while just the right balance of malts disguises 2XIPA’s extra gravity. Double your expectations, this is an ale that demands reverence.

2X IPA4/6/12 LNNR8.2Double IPA
PUMKING12/22 NR8.6Imperial Pumpkin Beer !!!
HELLES4/6/12 LNNR4.6Clean & bready, malt-forward, thinking to the warmer days ahead
2XSMASH4/6/12 LNNR8.1Single Hopped & Single Malt Imperial IPA
2XPRESSO4/6/12 LNNR7.5Milk stout brewed with coffee beans and lemon peels
CHOKLAT ORANGE6/4/12 LNNR10Imperial Stout brewed with Chocolate & Orange Peels
WARLOCK12/22 NR8.6There is no season for this Imperial Pumpkin Stout
TANGIER4/6/12 LNNR5Session India Pale Ale w/ spicy citrus aromas & fruit flavors
CHOKLAT12/22 NR10Chocolate Imperial Stout
CRéME BRULEE6/4/12 LNNR10Imperial Milk Stout with vanilla beans