Captain Eli Profile

You’re in for a treat! Today, Capt’n Eli’s Soda has grown to include a full line of flavors – all caffeine free and all made with natural cane and brown sugars. This Maine made soda line is handcrafted at Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine and distributed in key markets around the United States. 


Root Beer: Capt’n Eli’s flagship. A traditional root beer with the essence of wintergreen oil, anise, and vanilla make this root beer a popular choice.

Ginger Beer: A well balanced combination of spicy ginger and sweet cane sugar enhances this clean and very drinkable ginger beer.

Parrot Punch: Take a flavorful vacation to the tropics with this lightly carbonated punch bursting with all natural fruit flavors.

Blueberry Pop: A taste of Maine! Capt’n Eli’s Blueberry Pop is cool, invigorating, and full of resh wild blueberry flavor.

Lemon Lime: Prepare to be dazzled! This classic combination of Lemon Lime has enough zing to quench any thirst.

Orange Pop: Need a little zest? Pop open a bottle and experience the sweet sunshine of citrus and fizz.

ROOTBEER6/4/12 LNNR0root beer with the essence of vanilla (must try)
GINGER BEER6/4/12 LNNR0balanced combination of spicy ginger and sweet cane sugar
CREAM SODA6/4/12 LNNR0Smooth and creamy with the perfect blend of vanilla
BLUEBERRY POP6/4/12 LNNR0invigorating and full of fresh wild blueberry flavor.
STRAWBERRY POP6/4/12 LNNR0unique sweetness of strawberries fills each refreshing sip.