Vanilla Porter

Nitro Vanilla Porter

Mango Mosaic

Dry Irish Stout

Agave Wheat

Breckenridge Taste Profile

Breckenridge Brewery opened its doors in 1990 in the mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado. It’s the third-oldest craft brewery in the state. Nestled below the slopes on Main Street, our brewpub continues to delight locals and visitors with a lively atmosphere, delicious pub fare, and of course, a great selection of beer.

VANILLA PORTER4/6/12 LNNR5.4Chocolate and roasted nut flavor of a classic Porter with vanilla
NITRO VANILLA PORTER6/4/16 CAN5.4Silky, Smooth & Sessionable
AGAVE WHEAT4/6/12 CAN4.4Unfiltered wheat ale brewed with agave nectar
MANGO MOSAIC4/6/12 LNNR5.5Well-balanced pale ale montage of fruit flavors
DRY IRISH STOUT6/4/15.2 CAN4.8A Traditional Dry Irish stout.