Bold City Brewery Profile

Bold City Brewery is locally owned and operated by Brian and Susan Miller. They are supported by the rest of the Miller family who all have a hand in the operations whether it be marketing, distributing, ordering supplies, cleaning tanks or doing what’s most important, brewing beer. Brian started with home brewing in 2002. He was a member of CASK, the local home brewers club here in Jacksonville prior to opening the brewery. His mother, Susan, left her job in management at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida to join the beer biz. She is primarily responsible for managing the on-site Tavern.

DUKE'S COLD NOSE BROWN4/6/12 CAN6Hints of chocolate and caramel with a smooth nutty finish
MAD MANATEE4/6/12 CAN6.5well balanced with a nice herbal aroma and citrus finish
KILLER WHALE CREAM ALE4/6/12 CAN5.5ItÕs not too malty and not too hoppy. Very light and refreshing.